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Time Adventurer Nix was exploring the past looking for sustainability secrets. Unfortunately he ran afoul of a crew of pirates! Now the past is changed and the timeline itself is threatened. Your team must travel to the 1700s in order to prevent disaster. Explore the pirate ship, solve their cryptic riddles, and fix the future!

Why choose Pakotarinat?

Our most important goal is to create unforgettable experiences among our every day lives – with this in mind, we built the rooms with skill and passion. We have many years of experience in construction work which makes it possible to build even most difficult mechanisms. In the rooms we’ve invested in overall experience, visuality and quality puzzles.

What our customers say about us

“Pirates was very well done, the total opposite of some of these escape rooms that are quickly built at renovation sites. We learned that one of the locks alone took 250 hours to build! It was challenging and fun for four people – less than that might have been too little. Warmly recommended!”
– Päivi Salminen

“I went to this escape room with my sister and her husband and (after going to many of the escape rooms in the Helsinki area) we unanimously voted this one our favorite! The puzzles were well thought out and the owner had clearly put heart & soul into the rooms. Definitely worth a visit!”
– Mona N

“Our neighbors had already visited Pakotarinat, and were really pleased with the experience, so we decided to give it a try, even if our smallest was 10 yo. Staff was really friendly and helpful. Got us into the role before stepping into the room. I was a bit skeptic about managing with kids, but I was positively surprised that there was tasks for all level. Staff was stepping in (calling) exactly at the point when needed. Magician room was the easiest, but it was still fun. I would recommend it for families or for starting. We will repeat for sure -with next room”
– peilit_stream

“Our group went to the Pirate Ship room. The room was decorated very well and had some pretty cool mechanics. All the puzzles were in both English and Finnish. Our group was not very experienced but we got through the room in a pretty good pace and almost solved the final puzzle before the time ran out. Would recommend!”
– Riku Mäntysalo

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