100€ competition in Joensuu until 31.07

“Aaaarrrrgggghhhh ship in sight. Looks like the landlubbers again.”
“Why are they coming here, Captain?”
“I don’t know, should we sink their ship.. BUT wait, they seem to have the flag of Pakotarinat and the ship is full of eager players.” “Again, do you remember what happened last time, there is no power in the sea to stop them.” ?
“I remember all too well. All the men in the boats. Let’s row behind the cove and see what happens. “

To the delight of the escape players, we can say that our highly popular pirate game continues;
The Secrets of the Past is now bookable!
Last time the secret time contest was also so well received that we want to offer the same for this game.
Meaning, the group who hits the closest to the secret time by the end of July wins 100€! ?

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