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Difficulties for Crime Mystery

Rikosmysteeristä löytyy nyt vaikeusasteet! :)Keski-vaikea sopii 2-6 hlö ryhmille ja ensikertalaisille.Vaikea sopii…

Julkaissut Pakotarinat 20. tammikuuta 2017

There is different difficulties in Crime Mystery starting from 20.01.2017: Medium and Hard.
The Medium -difficulty is mainly for 2-6 person groups and beginners.
The Hard -difficulty is for 6-10 person groups and more experienced players.

Medium -difficulty is not a run through, there is still challenge involved, there is just less puzzles. The puzzles are also linear, so that smaller groups wouldn’t have to break up too much.

Hard -difficulty on the other hand is also not impossible, but there is more challenge to it, if there is more players in the group, that can divide to multiple directions throughout the game. Also the more experienced players in smaller groups should enjoy the added difficulty.

January Special Offer

In January we have special prices from monday to thursday. You can find the discount prices in “Prices” -section.

Viime viikolla yksi Rikollisjengin jäsenistä teki keikan Wall Streetillä ja meidän osakkeet nousivat. Tämän myötä…

Julkaissut Pakotarinat 11. tammikuuta 2017

Choosing the theme for third room

We have a lot of ideas for the third escape room theme, but we haven’t made any final plans yet. We were thinking at this point, do you have any wishes for the theme?

You can tell your idea either in Facebook or Instagram. The best idea will be picked in january and the winner gets to come as an test group to the game 🙂

EDIT: We chose Magician’s Workshop as the third theme. We’ll inform about the opening in spring 2017.

Ollaan pyöritelty kolmannen huoneen teemaa mielessä ja ajateltiin, olisiko sinulla toiveita uuden huoneen…

Julkaissut Pakotarinat 20. joulukuuta 2016