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Fire safety

Following the accident in Poland at the beginning of the year, comprehensive inspections were carried out in Finland about the fire safety of offices and especially escape games.

Whenever a new field is released in the world, it takes its own time for it to become the norm. Prior to this, businesses seek to act in the best possible way, for example in terms of safety.

However, many may have a distorted view of safety: “Escape games are not an extreme hobby, nothing dangerous can happen here” and the necessary corrections are not made on the basis of this idea.

I myself thought this way in the past, before the Polish case. Although escape games are generally safe, a fire can come, for example, from a neighboring store and proceed to an escape room. Sure, we have emergency keys in the games, but in a panic, they can be tricky to use.

The most important fix for us was that “game exit must be made keyless.”
It was easy to replace the exterior doors with a green emergency latch instead of a door handle.

There were a few cases inside the game where the emergency latch didn’t fit the theme in any way and we ended up modifying the locking mechanism itself differently.
At the same time, we put a lighted exit sign above the exterior doors of the game rooms to help visibility in the event of a power outage.

In addition to these, the premises have extinguishing equipment and first aid equipment.

With regard to the changes made, we received approval from the fire inspector for our prompt response and exemplary action on repairs.

I think inspections have been just a good thing; companies receive up-to-date and equal information on safety regulations, and customers can play games without worries, regardless of location.

– Ari Pölönen, Founder of Pakotarinat, Escape Game Designer & builder.

Virtual reality games in Joensuu

In September 2020, we will open a virtual reality game room in Joensuu.

In the world of Virtual Reality, it is possible to experience really great experiences that would not be possible in real life. For example, you can fly at the height of skyscrapers or dive into the depths of the seas, fight orcs, or move at bullet speed.

The game room can be booked either alone or with up to two others. The price of the reservation does not change by the number of participants, but there is an hourly rate for the room.
Each booking also includes a 5-20 minute free training session in the VR world, which goes through the operation of the controllers and navigating the virtual world.

The game room has one set of VR glasses, which means that if you book a room for two or three, you can change the player wearing the classes during the booking. There is also a TV with view of the game world.

Our game selection varies from time to time, see the current selection here.

Christmas Mystery in Joensuu

Due to high demand, we will reopen the Christmas Mystery in Joensuu for November-December.

“You’ve been invited to a pre-Christmas party. When you arrive, you hear that someone has done pranks and is trying to stop the party. Save Christmas and find out who the secret prankster is and what he wants”

Our Christmas game is especially designed to be played with children. The game is designed to require adults and adult guidance to pass, but tasks have also been done with the youngest in the family in mind. People over the age of 12 can play completely independently, for children under the age of 12 we recommend at least one adult.

You can book the game HERE!