Latest news

All games closed until 13.4

As a result of the government policy, we will close all our games until 13.04.2020.
According to the latest information, games would be available after that day.
We will also extend the validity of all gift cards by one month.
We will update these dates if new information occur.

Owner introduction

My name is Ari Pölönen, owner of Pakotarinat. I got into escape rooms in 2015, when I was building escape games to another company. Right in the building process, I noticed how fun escape rooms were and not long after that I was already planning on my own escape room.

I’ve tried to challenge myself whenever I’m building a room to try new mechanisms or different kind of visuals.
Below is one video when I was starting on building the barrels and the cannon to Pirateship.

Below are almost finished versions of these props.